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HCIPL: Partnering in India’s Growth Story

India is currently the second-largest telecommunications market witnessing a virtual explosion in connectivity in the past two decades. We are currently living in a society where connectivity is universally available and accessible, our e-commerce shipment is in touch with the warehouse in real-time, doctors can monitor our health from miles away, a child living in a remote village has access to education without a classroom and our car is connected to our home and devices. At Hughes, we recognize the value of connectivity and are committed to making a positive social impact as part of our core business strategy.

For more than two decades, Hughes has been making progress in our efforts to connect people, businesses and communities: bridging the digital divide and contributing to disaster preparedness and recovery. All around the world, we are providing reliable and resilient connectivity to businesses, governments, and communities.

Today, enterprises, governments, service providers, and consumers on six continents depend on Hughes technologies and services. Hughes invented the VSAT (satellite communications system), making satellite networks affordable for businesses, and pioneered residential high-speed satellite Internet service, helping to close the digital divide for those outside the reach of terrestrial Internet access.

Being the pioneer in the Satellite connectivity operations, Hughes offers advanced solutions and enterprise offerings for the government as well as businesses. Hughes is present across all key vertical markets ranging from Banking, Education, Defense, Telecom, Energy, Retail and addressing the connectivity of needs of the various government departments.


Hughes Solutions for Oil & Gas

Fuel is an essential commodity in today’s world. India is today one of the fastest-growing energy markets and the third-largest oil and energy consumer in the world. For a developing country like India, this commodity gains even much greater importance, especially given India’s large-scale dependence on fuel import from oil-producing nations.

Strengthening the Indian Banking Industry

For more than two decades, Hughes Communications India has helped close India’s digital and financial divide with fully managed and advanced satellite and terrestrial broadband solutions. High-speed VSAT has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective, and feasible connectivity solution for the banking industry, with 7 in every 10 new branches in India currently commissioned on it. 


The banking sector has been one of the key growth areas for the Hughes business. The government's financial inclusion programme has given a major boost to banking growth across the nation. In partnership with over 30 banks and major banking institutions, Hughes has connected over 40,000 off-site ATMs and rural bank branches with a secure broadband satellite network.

Hughes has been serving India’s telecom industry with advanced backhaul services to major telecom service providers including BSNL, Vodafone and Reliance Jio. Most recently, Reliance Jio reposed confidence in Hughes JUPITER™ system to enable satellite connectivity to more than 400 4G/LTE sites in remote and rural locations.

Hughes also enjoys a leadership position in the energy retail with more than 22K sites leveraging Hughes expertise towards automating oil retail networking nationwide. Under separate contracts, Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) are making use of the Hughes JUPITER™ system to upgrade network connectivity across locations collectively to increase speed of transactions, eliminate manual interference, and deliver accurate, real-time data across the retail operations. HughesON advanced retail connectivity solution for retail and QSR is being adopted by leading retail chains across India.

Strengthening India’s defense capabilities, Hughes has been playing a pivotal role in supporting India’s defense communication needs. Hughes is currently working on various turnkey satellite system integration projects for  Navy, Army, Air force. Most recently, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Hughes Communications India have entered into a Teaming Agreement for design, development, supply, installation, integration, and commissioning of satellite communication solutions for helicopters.

Virtual Classroom

Hughes Communications India Private Limited, the global leader in VSAT and broadband satellite networks and services, sees a tremendous opportunity to connect and deliver satellite broadband across the country and is committed to bridging the quality education gap in India.

Hughes Solutions for Maritime and Offshore Communications

Hughes Communications India delivers high-quality broadband and value-added services to Indian and international companies for commercial and leisure ships operating within Indian territory and beyond - in fact, to any ocean anywhere in the world. Our maritime network solutions utilize the latest in satcom technologies with a sharp focus on speed, reliability and security.

Maritime Connectivity Powered by Hughes thumbnail

Among other developments, Hughes was the first to receive the In-flight and maritime connectivity license. With satellite-based connectivity, air passengers will be able to experience high-speed internet facility even in the skies.

As India strengthens its position as the world’s fastest growing economy, the need of the hour is uninterrupted connectivity at unprecedented capacity. This may not be guaranteed by terrestrial networks alone, especially in remote and hilly areas where implementation cost is higher and difficult. This is where one should look to the skies. Satellites can help fill gaps in ground-based networks, extend reach, improve data protection, and reliability. Looking at the future demand, it is imperative for the ecosystem and the country to compliment the existing technologies and also look at ways to leverage Satellite-based broadband connectivity.

By making internet and broadband available for everyone, telecommunications is playing a significant role across sectors and industries. Satellite connectivity has been a key growth driver for India, marking the next leap in driving stronger and stable connectivity.