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Satellite Bandwith Services

Satellite bandwidth solutions from the leading managed service provider in VSAT and satellite bandwidth services.

Hughes Communications India’s (HCI) make in India products are encouraging innovation and customization in line with “Atmanirbhar Bharat” direction of the government. HCI is creating networking devices such as routers, 4G/5G networking products and SD-WAN products that are make in India and complementary to other technologies. HCI see’s potential in creating mobile devices that connect to satellites, which could become an independent area for Hughes Communications India. 

HCI has also created an outdoor device for schools with LTE and satellite connectivity, providing reliable broadband regardless of location. This product has immense potential for schools in remote areas. HCI sees it as not just a commercial opportunity, but also a social one, as improving education in remote areas can have a significant impact on the productivity of the country. 

Additionally, HCI has built a new Make in India product, a Quick Deploy Antenna (QDA), which is a mobile and rugged antenna that can be easily deployed on-demand. HCI’s approach is to build products specifically for the Indian market. As such, the big deploy antenna includes unique features such as creating a Wi-Fi zone and potentially a private 5G zone. QDA has been successful and has been supplied to organizations such as NDRF and BSNL, with orders also coming from the Ladakh government and J&K Bank.

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Digital Cinema

The Indian film industry is currently sized at $1.5 billion and is the largest in the world, both in terms of the number of films produced annually; 800 in over 20 languages, and the number of theaters; 12,000 across cities. However, even though India enjoys a dominant position in cinema industry, around 85% of films fail at the box office and many do not recover costs. The screen to people ratio; only 12 screens per 1 million people, is a pull-back to industry growth, leading to the limited release of films and high piracy records.


Hughes Communications India Private Limited, the global leader in VSAT and broadband satellite networks and services, sees a tremendous opportunity to connect and deliver satellite broadband across the country and is committed to bridging the quality education gap in India.

Hughes Global Education, a wholly owned subsidiary of HCIPL, is a pioneer in interactive onsite learning through satellite-based education and training service for corporate and working professionals. The platform seamlessly integrates the strengths of the traditional method of education — classroom teaching — with the latest in technology with a swift delivery cycle.

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Business Broadband Services

If you're looking to conduct your business over the internet, research term papers more quickly, send and receive emails and upload and download files in a fraction of the time your dial-up connection would take, chat with business partners, colleagues and friends, or simply surf faster& and you're looking to do it today, then HughesNet makes perfect sense for you and your business.