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We Strengthen the Connectivity of the Government of India

India is the second-largest telecommunications market witnessing a virtual explosion in connectivity in the past two decades - accounting to 500 million internet users as of June 2018. The digital ecosystem, as well as the government, are making efforts towards digital empowerment through flagship program BharatNet.

The dream of high-speed internet in every Indian village


It is fascinating to note that the digital revolution is now sweeping small towns and villages perhaps driven by increased accessibility at affordable data costs. There is increase in the usage of digital means in rural India, where more than two-thirds of active internet users are now accessing the internet daily to meet their entertainment and communication needs. 

The need for high-speed internet is well recognized and Indian government with support from private operators is making generous efforts in getting high-speed connectivity to every doorstep. But, one of the major hurdles in India’s digital dream has been a huge reliance in one direction- Terrestrial broadband. However terrestrial  broadband needs reasonable teledensity for a viable deployment.  

The emergence of High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) and Non-Geostationary Orbit Satellites (NGSO) today challenge the conventional assumptions of speed, capacity, and latency. This makes a combination of complementary technologies, especially Satellite based broadband, the need of the hour.

Solutions powered by Hughes


Hughes Communications India, the global leader in VSAT and broadband satellite networks and services, sees a tremendous opportunity to connect and deliver satellite broadband to underserved and remote communities across the country. For more than two decades, Hughes has been a chosen service provider for its single door, one-step solution and technical capability to execute government projects in even the most remote parts of the country. It has been the first company in India to have successfully provided 100Mbps VSAT and won the first HTS deployment in the country, leveraging spot beams.

Hughes is addressing the connectivity needs of various government verticals including Banking, Telecom, Offshore, Disaster Relief, Telemetry, SCADA, Tele-Education, Health, Oil & Gas, Armed Forces, Broadcasting, Local self-government, G2C services, Railways, External Affairs, and Defense among others.


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How about VSAT for rural connectivity?