Hughes India

Hughes Communications India receives TEC accreditation for JUPITER System Terminals to enhance connectivity solutions for the Indian market


Hughes Communications India (HCI), a leading provider of broadband satellite services and solutions, today announced the successful mandatory conformance certification of its latest JUPITER™ System terminals by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) in India. This significant milestone underscores HCI’s commitment to providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions while adhering to Indian regulatory standards.

The Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) is the apex technical body under the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, responsible for standardization and testing of telecommunications equipment. TEC-certified products undergo rigorous testing in accredited Indian laboratories, guaranteeing their reliability and performance in Indian conditions. This certification assures customers that HCI products adhere to the highest industry standards, offering them reliable and secure connectivity solutions.

“We are excited to announce the successful TEC certification of our HT2010 and HT2300 terminals in India. TEC certification is not just a validation of our product quality; it’s a testimony of our commitment to providing reliable and secure connectivity to our customers. With TEC-certified products, our customers can be fully assured and confident in our solutions,” said Shivaji Chatterjee, president and managing director, HCI. “As we look ahead, this certification marks the strengthening of our commitment to Indian customers. We are actively working to extend TEC certification to more of our products ensuring that HCI remains at the forefront of delivering innovative, high-quality connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of the Indian market.”