Now here's a professional high speed Broadband Internet service that can keep pace with your growing business-and even boost your productivity!

With its advanced satellite technology, HughesNet bypasses dial-up delays to deliver a high speed, secure and highly reliable broadband connection around the clock - so you can make the most of your business day.

If you are a SME and wondering about how to increase your productivity, we have a solution for you. HughesNet Broadband for Business provides high-speed and always-on Internet access anywhere in India.

HughesNet® SME Broadband for Business is a no-nonsense, high-speed, always-on broadband connection that gives you instant access to the critical information you need, when you need it. This initiative is from Hughes Communications India Ltd. (HCIL), India's leading satellite broadband internet service providers.

We have developed the right competencies to help small and medium enterprises take their business to the next level. Leveraging our advanced satellite technology, we bypass dial-up delays to deliver a round-the-clock secure and reliable broadband connection. We provide:

  • Back up connectivity solutions with state-of-the-art Data Centre and Disaster recovery offerings
  • Controlled environment for storing and preserving vital customer data at any of our three data centre premises
  • Complete chain of excellence via proactive monitoring and management of customers’ links and devices supported by real time on-line access through the ‘Customer Central Portal’
  • Diverse applications such ERP, Messaging, Supply Chain management, ATMs, File Broadcast/Multicast

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