HughesNet Fusion is a satellite based education and training service initiative by Hughes, for corporate/ working professionals and students. It has a live interactive, real –time, two way audio video, voice and data classes. Also it plays a significant role in the e-Governance initiative by government of India by setting up the Common Service Centers across the country.

First of its kind in the country, started in 2001, this platform seamlessly integrates the strengths of the traditional method of education i.e classroom teaching with latest technology. Several corporate customers have also used HughesNet Fusion service to train their dealers, employees, customers and associates across the country.

The Interactive Onsite Learning offers interactivity similar to a live classroom session, wherein a student sitting in any part of the country, at any given point of time, can interact freely with the teachers, raise questions, queries, etc. This makes the interaction as spontaneous and natural as a regular classroom. There is extensive use of two way video, voice and data. The pedagogy is highly interactive. It consists of a judicious blend of lectures, real life case studies, quizzes, assignments, etc.

The IOL platform of HughesNet Fusion also offers a number of career oriented education programmes from institutes of repute that open new career opportunities to aspirants from tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country. The number of programs vary from undergraduate to vocational as well as specialized programmes for various sectors like IT, retail etc. Students from their respective cities/towns can enroll in any program of their choice without the expense and hassle of relocation or migration to big cities. The IOL programs are currently available through a network of over 200 centres Indiawide.

Common Service Center is an e-Governance initiative by Government of India. Hughes plays a significant role in this initiative, leveraging its state-of-the-art technology and dominance in the V-SAT services. HughesNet Fusion has a network of 7000+ satellite connected Retail Outlets servicing consumers across India. Working with number of Common Service Center operators and e-Governance providers in India like SREI Sahaj e-Village Limited, Comet Technologies, NICT, Zoom Developers, 3i-Infotech Limited and NASSCOM Foundation etc, Hughes aspires to offer its unique bouquet of services to more than 25000 CSC’s across the country.


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