Success Stories


Reena Reena- Reena, a 32 year old woman, used to work as a sanitation worker for a girl’s hostel in Jawaharlal Nehru University before her family decided to shift to the slum of Kusumpur Pahadi. The distance to her workplace from the slum led her to quit her job and she became completely dependent on her husband’s earnings. Reena learnt about Ritinjali’s vocational centre at Kusumpur Pahari through other women who attended the classes at the centre. She joined the centre in 2015 where she learnt basics of Cutting Tailoring from the teacher. Apprehensive at first about learning a new skill, Reena’s doubts were soon allayed by the centre teacher’s teaching methodology. Reena was encouraged her to attend classes regularly and sit for the NIOS examination to get her diploma. Reena is now proficient in stitching various kinds of suits and salwars, and has started taking orders at home. With her new found confidence from acquiring the skill of dressmaking, Reena has become self-sufficient from the earnings made through the orders that come to her. Neetu- Seventeen year old Neetu never got a chance to complete her schooling due to financial constraints at home. Losing her father at an early age, the burden of earning for the family fell upon Neetu’s shoulders. She joined the Cutting, Tailoring and Dressmaking Centre last year in a bid to gain employment through acquisition of the skills of dressmaking. With great dedication, Neetu soon became adept at making various kinds of ladies’ garments, and has now started taking orders at home. The earnings from her orders have enabled Neetu to support not just herself but also her family. Neetu hopes to complete her schooling through NIOS so as to be eligible for the NIOS certificate exam. Reena Neetu

Manoj Manoj- Manoj joined the Computer Applications Centre to further enhance his pre-existing knowledge of computers. With great sincerity, Manoj learnt the various programmes which one needs to master in order to gain employment in the age of technology. He also completed his diploma programme, earning a certification from NIOS. Manoj works in the backend broadband processes department in Reliance Communications, earning Rs. 18,000 a month. He hopes to hone his skills further and continue on the path of education alongside work to better his prospects in the industry of his choice. Balmukund Manoj

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