It’s not just a job.
It is a passion to excel…
A challenge to relentlessly pursue your dreams…

A career with Hughes spans leading technologies including voice over IP(VoIP), high-speed mobile data, professional services for wireless networks, switching, network management, satellite communications, broadband network-based telecommunications and private telephony.

A dynamic work culture, career advancement and personal development opportunities, not to mention a chance to join the global leader in broadband solutions, are just some of the reasons why you should explore a career with us.

Our motto is to dream big and attain excellence. Our growth and development philosophy is “Creating an organization of trained and dedicated people to meet our customers’ requirements in the finest manner.”

Our philosophy of performance management is “what gets measured and what gets assessed, gets enhanced.” We appraise employee performance on an annual basis, giving credit to our employees’ achievements and setting targets for the coming year. We have developed a balanced policy that is both objective and holistic in its approach. Our HR team facilitates the appraisal process and also trains senior personnel to assess individual performance.

Managers and employees alike utilize a variety of human resource processes and tools to facilitate continuous improvement in areas such as employee selection, career planning, goal setting, reward systems, and building of a corporate culture.

Assessments in HCIL are not just about improvement and development. Achievements here are well-recognized and rewarded.